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Monday 16 August 2010

Reiki for Scrumpy and Heroic canines

Today we met Reiki practitioner Rob fellows and filmed a case study he had on a Jack Russell called Scrumpy. Scrumpy was a very energetic little dog who used to run off, away from his owners to burn off some of his excess energy. After a few Reiki sessions, Scrumpy is much calmer and doesn't run away as often. Rob explained to our cameras what Reiki actually is it and the many different ways it can help dogs.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we then went on to meet an amazing lady called Isabel who writes books on dogs who save peoples lives, we are pleased to announce she will be reading some of those heart warming stories to you all in our future issues, however in the meantime do check her out in the directory pages under 'Other' then 'Books and DVDs'

Friday 13 August 2010

Alternatives in Bath

Off down to Somerset today to film vet Nick Thompson on several features, subjects included pain and arthritis and how he uses acupuncture to help them and also some great case studies including one about a dog that couldn't pee.

Nick is one of our regular contributors and we very much appreciate his time when we visit his lovely practise in Bath. His vast knowledge and gentle way with the animals he treats make it a thoroughly enjoyable day of filming

Thursday 12 August 2010

Doing with dogs

Today we filmed Lizi Angel and her wonderful dog training called 'cyno-praxic' dog training or 'doing with dogs' . She explained to us the connection between wolves and dogs and talked about exploring the human-canine bond.

Lizi is going to be one of our 'regular contributors' (see more in our contributor section), she strongly advocates a holistic approach to behaviour therapy, helping owners to understand what dogs really need to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy in order to reach and resolve the source of problematic behaviour, rather than train away the symptoms. We look forward to visiting Lizi again soon, especially with the lovely welcome her two gorgeous Black Labradors gave us!