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Saturday 21 June 2014

Running at Ashridge

We met up with Ashridge Canicrossers today to learn about cross country running with dogs. There were staffies, pointers, vizslas, labradors, collies, even a chihuahua joining in! We interviewed George Humphries who runs the club, asking all about what Canicross is, how to go about starting in Canicross and what equipment is needed - we never knew there was so much to the sport and found everything very interesting.

Then we went out with some of the Canicrossers and their dogs, filming the different aspects of the sport, including the frequently discussed activity of 'getting very muddy' - despite it being a lovely sunny day the handlers and dogs still found a large puddle / pond to run through!

Sunday 1 June 2014

June 2014 is live

Last month we gave an introduction to the dog/person keep fit activity of wag and tone. This month we take a closer look at one of the specific activities – the gym ball tap. Chris Mancini is on hand to show us another trick to impress – the perfect end to any performance, the bow. As well as fun training ideas, we also look at training to deal with the unwanted behaviour of barking in the garden.

On the health front we find out what happens in a canine massage session, are shown how Bach flower remedies are used and have an introduction to Aromatherapy for dogs.

Finally, two videos mark the first of two new series. One of these will cover the topic of dogs that are fearful of the vet and the different things vets and owners can do to help. This month we discover what vets can do. The other series looks at dog first aid. This is a topic we have covered before but this series looks into new areas. This month it’s how to bandage a tail.

Southern Counties Dog Show

Naturally Happy Dogs were given a warm welcome at the Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Dog Show today.

David Cavill introduced us to some of the key people whose hard work goes into making the show such a success. We learned much in the day such as: what a judge is looking for when they go over a dog (and how to avoid getting bitten in the process!), about some of the main roles the organisers have and about how much planning and hard work goes into making the show such a success. When you have thousands of competitors showing their dogs, it can only be imagined how much preparation that takes. They obviously have a great team and we appreciated the insight they gave us into the world of Dog showing.