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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Breed photos wanted

Calling all owners of pedigree dogs - Photos wanted.

We are looking for an image of each of the dog breeds to use in our 'breed library'. If you own one of the breeds missing from our breed library, please feel free to submit a picture of your dog and you might feature on this page.

The photo must be:
- a good example of the breed
- the dog standing sideways on to the camera
- one of the breeds with an 'image coming soon' picture
- your own copyright
- emailed to us at breeds (at) naturallyhappydogs.com along with some text to say you are happy for the photo to appear on www.naturallyhappydogs.com

If your photo is chosen, you will receive a free 1 month membership to Naturally Happy Dogs.

Hidden camera videos of pets left home alone

Animal-themed videos are often the ones that get us giggling the most, everybody loves a funny pet video.

Home videos can show us what our furry friends really get up to, when they think nobody is watching. On our quest for the funniest animal-themed video, we came across ‘What happened when this cat and dog were left home alone’.

We had no idea what was about to happen, and we really didn’t expect to see what came at the end of the video. Here’s what happened… make sure you watch and share it with your friends. It’ll make you think carefully about how you leave your pets home alone.

Sunday 8 November 2015

Scent work trials

We spent a very enjoyable day today learning about scent work at the second ever trails by Scentwork UK. There were level 1 and level 2 dogs competing - 20 dogs in total. There were some fantastic searches - some in just a few seconds.

Each level completed 4 searches - an interior 'chairs and tables' search, a vehicle search, a luggage search and an exterior search. It was fascinating to see how the different conditions affected the different dogs. It was also amazingly clear how important the handlers were, in helping, rather than hindering their dogs.

Puppy Skyler came along for the ride and decided to 'help' at the end when we filmed the interview with Heather Donnelly!