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Friday 28 June 2013

Saying goodbye

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our office dog 'Lady' on Wednesday. At the age of 15 and 8 months, her body had given up and she went peacefully off to sleep at the vets. I wrote this to her while thinking through everything that we had been through together.

Dear my little Lady,

I want to thank you for what you have given me throughout your 15 years and 8 months. I still remember just how excited I was when I first saw you, I chased the postman down the street when he delivered the developed photos that I had taken of you and your litter mates. Originally called 'Whisper' we soon changed that to 'Lady' (that turned out to be a very sensible decision!)

In your prime you knew (and would respond to) over 70 commands, including sneezing on command and wrapping yourself up in a blanket. You were my best friend and my excuse to not do my homework.

You appeared on Japanese TV, were 'Miss June' in Dogs Today calendar 2002 and competed at Crufts in agility, flyball and obedience. You gained a 3rd in agility, winning out of elementary and gaining me a trophy. Your claim to fame was beating a particularly good poodle in a Helter Skelter! Despite you fouling in the agility ring at some shows, we persevered, teaching me to cope with embarrassment and frustration.

You have enjoyed eating your way through life, impressively finishing off a plate of gammon for 14 people! 

You have been my 'old faithful' for many years. I have you since before my 'first kiss' all the way through to happily married life.

The world will be a quieter place without you, but my heart will feel that bit emptier without you resting your head on the bottom step waiting for me to come downstairs.

I hope there is plenty to eat and there aren't too many doors to be the wrong side of wherever it is you are going. I will find you again one day when it is my turn.

Love you little Lady xxx

Sunday 23 June 2013

Puppy grooming

Today we returned to film Trevor Pearman at his grooming parlour to film him and his poodle puppy Lacey.

Trevor told us about the importance of early grooming for pups to help them get used to process, particularly for those breeds that will need grooming often. We got to see the process, and while we were there took the opportunity to film Trevor about being a groomer for our series about dog-related professions.

We look forward to bringing you these articles soon.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Fleas, Ticks and mating dogs

We've had a rather unusual Saturday today, firstly we spent an hour finding out about the life cycles of ticks and fleas, then this afternoon we filmed two dogs mating!

Vet Tanya Leslie from Merial gave us some surprisingly interesting information about fleas and ticks and Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD). The life cycles of these little blood suckers are quite extraordinary, for example, did you know that the tick 'quests' by standing on a leaf and waving their front legs around. When they sense a vibration or shadow or a change in CO2 level, or temperature change, they reach out and grab hold!

This afternoon we filmed a mating at a local breeders, we plan to film an article about what is involved in mating and breeding dogs soon so thought we would get the practical footage while we could.

Thursday 6 June 2013

Treating Your Dog for Fleas

Following our recent visit to Nick Thompson, we thought we'd bring you some information about fleas while we're waiting for his video to go live.

All dogs, pedigrees and cross breeds, can get fleas. Flea infection can not only make your dog uncomfortable but it can be a nuisance to people too. It is vital that you take preventative measures if you wish to avoid getting an infestation in your home. The reproduction cycle of the flea is exceedingly difficult to break, and infection can give your dog such distressing problems as dermatitis, allergic reactions or large sores. Humans too can be afflicted with these symptoms.

Traditional vets recommend regular dog flea treatments to prevent your dog becoming infested. The PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) gives advice on how and how often to treat for fleas here.

Nick recommends a mixture of garlic and ginger which can make dogs 'taste bad' to fleas and can reduce the chance of them becoming infested. You can sign up to our free newsletter to find out when this video goes live.

Flea eggs can drop off your dog and be deposited on carpets, furniture and bedding. So be sure to hoover carpets and launder your dog΄s basket regularly. Central heating means that your home can provide year-round warmth which means fleas can thrive at any time of year and damp conditions combined with humidity will only encourage fleas to multiply.

Dogs can also pick up fleas from other dogs, so while you may be scrupulous in keeping up flea treatments for your dog, other dog-owners may be less so. Be sure to reduce the risk of infestation when your dog is in social situations.

There are obvious tell-tale indicators that your dog is infected if he has been unfortunate enough to catch fleas. He will be scratching frequently, particularly behind the ears, and will probably have black flecks, known as “flea dirt”, showing clearly on his skin. The skin may also be red and inflamed. It is possible that you will see actual fleas, though this is rather less likely.

If you notice any of these signs, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible, they can advise you as to which commercially available products are safe and effective.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Basics for Home Vet Care

As the temperature is rising and more people are getting out and about with their dogs, we have heard of a number of cases recently where animals have needed medical attention in an emergency. It is important to 'expect the unexpected' and be prepared for any emergencies.

Our video 'Canine First Aid Kit' explains some of the medical supplies you might want to keep handy, these can be bought from online stores such as as All Vet Supply.

Sophie Flux from Animal Aiders explains some useful Basic Health Checks that you can perform regularly to make sure your dog is healthy.

Should your dog cut or injure himself, unfortunately they can be notoriously difficult to bandage, our video shows a general methods for Bandaging Paws. Dressings can be damaged, and dogs can be persistent in chewing or licking bandages. Apart from the standard gauze and tape, there are lots of options for protecting animal injuries. Consider a product that stops bleeding without fabric by encouraging clotting. And don't forget antibacterial sprays and antibiotic ointments. In addition, if your pet has ever been given an anti-licking collar after surgery, keep it in case you need to reuse it.

As well as medical products, it's also useful to have close by some emergency contact information. First of all, make sure you have numbers for your veterinarian, a backup vet, and any 24-hour vet facilities in your area. And have information numbers like the ASPCA pet poison control line on the list so you don't waste precious time looking them up online should an emergency occur.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

June 2013 is live

Gosh, May's been a busy month. We’ve been out and about in the good weather and doing lots of filming for future issues.

This month we look at some fun activities you can undertake with your dog. We offer the first in a series of videos about ringcraft by experienced Ringcraft teacher, Roxanne McDonald and we learn what to expect in a first Talking Dog’s Rally lesson, an activity based on American "Rally-O" Obedience.

We also look at some products which you can purchase for your dog which might be described as “Interactive dog toys” in our “Interactive games for good behaviour” video. There might be times, however, when our dog is not a source of fun but of embarrassment or frustration. We offer advice from leading dog behaviourists on some common areas of concern. Ian Dunbar tells us how to deal with inappropriate sexual behaviour and, in the first of a series of videos, Brenda Aloff tells us what to do about an aggressive or “reactive” dog.

There's more practical grooming advice from Trevor Pearman in his video on clipping and another inspirational video about Treo, the world’s bravest dog. Finally, on a sad but necessary topic, Belinda Johnston, a vet who specialises in bereavement, describes what euthanasia entails to help to prepare us for the day we might have to face some painful decisions.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Irish Red And White Setters

Today we filmed with Gemma Hawkins and her two bitches, and also her friend who brought their male round. In line with our other breed videos we asked all the questions we think potential new dog owners should know, and look forward to bringing these to you soon!

Saturday 1 June 2013

What to do with dog poo?

Another interesting article today, this time about Dog Poo Wormerys. We spoke to Earth Essentials, who make this fantastic product.

Instead of your normal way of disposing of your dogs excrement, why not consider recycling it into a fertiliser for your geraniums? That's exactly what you can do with the Dog Poo Wormery, and this article talks you through the basics. We look forward to bringing this article to you shortly.

Air travel for dogs

We love new and interesting topics, and today we filmed Bob Ghandour of Pet Air UK, a company that specialises in travelling pets on behalf of owners, all over the world.

They are experts in this field, and very happy to chat to people about what needs doing and when, and also costs.

We filmed a number of topics covering the whole subject, and look forward to bringing these to you soon.