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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Basics for Home Vet Care

As the temperature is rising and more people are getting out and about with their dogs, we have heard of a number of cases recently where animals have needed medical attention in an emergency. It is important to 'expect the unexpected' and be prepared for any emergencies.

Our video 'Canine First Aid Kit' explains some of the medical supplies you might want to keep handy, these can be bought from online stores such as as All Vet Supply.

Sophie Flux from Animal Aiders explains some useful Basic Health Checks that you can perform regularly to make sure your dog is healthy.

Should your dog cut or injure himself, unfortunately they can be notoriously difficult to bandage, our video shows a general methods for Bandaging Paws. Dressings can be damaged, and dogs can be persistent in chewing or licking bandages. Apart from the standard gauze and tape, there are lots of options for protecting animal injuries. Consider a product that stops bleeding without fabric by encouraging clotting. And don't forget antibacterial sprays and antibiotic ointments. In addition, if your pet has ever been given an anti-licking collar after surgery, keep it in case you need to reuse it.

As well as medical products, it's also useful to have close by some emergency contact information. First of all, make sure you have numbers for your veterinarian, a backup vet, and any 24-hour vet facilities in your area. And have information numbers like the ASPCA pet poison control line on the list so you don't waste precious time looking them up online should an emergency occur.

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