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Tuesday 4 June 2013

June 2013 is live

Gosh, May's been a busy month. We’ve been out and about in the good weather and doing lots of filming for future issues.

This month we look at some fun activities you can undertake with your dog. We offer the first in a series of videos about ringcraft by experienced Ringcraft teacher, Roxanne McDonald and we learn what to expect in a first Talking Dog’s Rally lesson, an activity based on American "Rally-O" Obedience.

We also look at some products which you can purchase for your dog which might be described as “Interactive dog toys” in our “Interactive games for good behaviour” video. There might be times, however, when our dog is not a source of fun but of embarrassment or frustration. We offer advice from leading dog behaviourists on some common areas of concern. Ian Dunbar tells us how to deal with inappropriate sexual behaviour and, in the first of a series of videos, Brenda Aloff tells us what to do about an aggressive or “reactive” dog.

There's more practical grooming advice from Trevor Pearman in his video on clipping and another inspirational video about Treo, the world’s bravest dog. Finally, on a sad but necessary topic, Belinda Johnston, a vet who specialises in bereavement, describes what euthanasia entails to help to prepare us for the day we might have to face some painful decisions.

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