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Thursday 26 July 2012

German shorthaired and longhaired pointers

Today we travelled to Cambridgeshire to meet David and Eileen Winser and their German Shorthaired Pointers and the less common German Longhaired Pointers. David and Eileen have 3 Longhaired and 2 Shorthaired pointers and a litter of pups. It was a real pleasure to meet them and their very well trained and well behaved dogs. Even the 7 week old pups were demonstrating lovely recalls and sits! We should be bringing that video to you soon so do keep an eye out on our video library Breed Section.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Sex and growling!

We travelled to Buckinghamshire today to see the great Ian Dunbar at his seminar at Amersham Rugby Club. He very kindly spent much of his lunch break with us and we have some fantastic new videos on inappropriate sexual behaviour, unwanted toileting behaviour, playing tug and teaching 'growl' and 'shush'. Ian was, as always, a natural in front of the camera and we filmed these four great videos in no time, leaving him in peace to eat his lunch before returning to the packed venue for his last day teaching during this trip.

Sunday 1 July 2012

July 2012 issue is live

This month we feature the work of the National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA) Kent organisation. They are this month's featured charity, and we bring you a fascinating insight into the thorough work they do with this month's first article.

Also this month we bring you an interesting article about pet cremation, a sombre subject but one that all pet owners out there should consider in good time.

Our Canine Partners series continues with an article about puppy parents, and behaviourist Jez talks to us about guarding issues that can arise when you have more than one dog in the house.

TV vet Joe Inglis talks to us about nutrition through the various stages of a dogs life, whilst Victoria Stilwell talks about the process of introducing a baby into a family that already has dogs.

Our gun dog training series continues with Adem Fehmi with a 'retrieve' video and we see another grooming video about trimming feet featuring Jo Hart go live this month also... another action packed issue, well what would you expect!