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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Filming Freddie

Off to Harlow today to film little Freddie a Miniature Schnauzer who has a habit of running up to the front door, barking madly whenever anyone knocks. His behaviour showed me he was actually a little anxious of who or what could be the other side and he wanted to make absolutely sure that whatever it was knew that there was a 'big scary dog' the other side and that they shouldn't try anything funny! We taught Freddie to go to his bed and stay there for a treat. After he got the hang of this, we asked him to go to his bed when the doorbell rang, soon the doorbell should become the actual cue for him to go to his bed to get his treat and Freddie's house should become a much quieter place!

Freddie is also worried about other dogs so by using Lady, Dougal and Sandy as stooge dogs (see their profiles on our facebook page) we worked on getting them slowly closer. After a while and a lot of good praising and interrupting from Freddie's very patient owner, we got close enough for Freddie to have a sniff of the other dogs and they became friends.

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