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Monday 31 January 2011

Baking for your dog!

We have been filming articles for you again, this time definitely one for the discerning canine.

Do you think your dog would like Sophies' Super Steak Biscuits? Sometimes I think our dogs might eat better than us! Our baking for dogs chef Kris Owen is passionate about greyhounds and has recently rescued a beautiful greyhound called Sophie from lurcher greyhound SOS (www.lurchersos.org.uk). Sophie herself is passionate about steak. She managed to persuade her new mum to name her latest recipe after her, in order to share the tasty biscuit with all dogs worldwide - three woofs for Sophie!

Kris also showed us how to create a lovely lightweight gluten free yummy Turkey Gobble Meatloaf, which can be used to compliment your dogs dinner or cut into chunks and kept to be used as low fat treats. The turkey meatloaf is a favourite of Tinker a re homed greyhound who has a delicate tummy and can be a picky eater but loves this Turkey meatloaf.

Look out for these recipe articles later in 2011.

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