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Thursday 17 March 2011

Acupuncture and Nosodes

Having successfully filmed an article with Nick Thompson on acupuncture for canine cystitis, we were keen to meet some dogs that have been receiving the same treatment but for different issues.

Along comes Brandy! Brandy is a 10yr old handsome Irish setter cross who was rescued as a stray in the USA and now lives in the UK with his owner. Brandy has been enjoying acupuncture under the guidance of vet Richard Allport to treat his aging joint issues and with great success. His owner was happy to explain Brandy's progress for you all to hear just how beneficial acupuncture can be for dogs.

Richard also filmed an interesting article for us explaining exactly what Nosodes are, and how, despite common belief, they are not always recommended by holistic vets as alternatives to vaccinations.

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