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Monday 16 May 2011

Filming with Michael Ball

We are proud today to have filmed for you an article with broadcaster and actor, Michael Ball and his gorgeous Tibetan Terrier Freddie!

Freddie has undergone a big operation under Noel Fitzpatrick, 'The Bionic Vet'. The poor little dog has had to have a new hip in a revolutionary new type of operation after being involved in a traffic accident.

Michael had been away from Freddie for 5 weeks while he underwent his surgery, his recovery and subsequent physiotherapy programme back to optimal health. Both parties were immensely pleased to see each other as you can imagine!

After interviewing Michael about his life with Freddie and how he has coped with being away from him for so long we were also able to speak to Noel about the revolutionary new surgery and the operation itself.

One of our desires with this magazine is to be able to highlight the advancements that now exist for dogs in veterinary medicine and so we very much look forward to bring you this heart warming article later in 2011 and sharing with the world the choices for dogs that are being developed all the time.

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