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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Just another dog training method?

There are so many ways to look at dog training and here at Naturally Happy Dogs we are keen to provide you with all the kind, positive methods we can. One such method is a training method called EMRA. EMRA stands for Emotional, Mood State and Reinforcement Analysis...quite a mouthful! However, as we found today the name is the only complicated thing about this fantastic training method.

The method takes a holistic approach to behavioural assessment and looks at the way a dog is feeling when he or she performs certain behaviours. By analysing the dog's underlying emotions and mood states you can begin to understand what is motivating certain behaviours. You are then in a fabulous position to help them and train them through the undesired behaviour.

We met up with Sue Ketland who has been involved in dog training for over 20 years and works at the rescue centre Wood Green Animal Shelters. Sue is an advocate of EMRA having been trained in the method through the Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). The method is used by Wood Green staff to help dogs through behaviour issues and improving their chances of finding their forever homes.

As well as the article on EMRA, we also filmed an article on some seriously outdated training methods of using 'choke chains' on dogs, especially on those dogs that are pulling on the lead.

Sue explained for us the choices dogs owners now have for walking dogs and exactly why the older choking training aids are now so unnecessary and even potentially damaging to dogs.

We very much look forward to proving the video and giving people the knowledge they need to live in better harmony with their beloved pet.

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