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Saturday 1 October 2011

October 2011 issue goes live

As we say hello (or goodbye!) to the last of the summer sun, here at Naturally Happy Dogs we are very pleased to put our October issue live. In addition to what now seems to be a regular dose of our favourite behaviourist, Ian Dunbar, and our excellent natural vet Nick Thompson, we have the second instalment of our feature on the Bionic Vet.

Ian is his usual brilliant self teaching us the importance of phasing out treats during the training process, and Jez gives a very interesting insight into how to use the normal days food allowance as a reward, to encourage behaviours that we want and also to add interest into normal walks. Turid Rugaas on reading calming signals during training puts the finishing touches to a mammoth behaviour and training month!

Sally Rowe tells us the importance of handling puppies all over, and how this can help with trips to the vets further down the road, and we are very pleased with the very technical and informative article by Barbara Houlding on Canine Anatomy and Movement.

With the first article in our scent work feature making its first appearance this month, I think you'll agree it is an information-packed month again!

How do we fit all this in every month...?

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