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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Naturally Happy Dogs learns about feeding raw meat with BARF

Sittingbourne in Kent, and Naturally Happy Dogs are on the road to visit BARF Pet Foods UK, which offers the largest selection of raw foods and supplements available to the UK market.

Whilst the raw food market in Germany, where Managing Director Andreas Dauer moved from recently, enjoys a 30% market share, in the UK it only stands at around 1%.   When Andreas moved to the UK and tried to source some raw food for his Bernese Mountain Dogs, he realised that there wasn’t a huge selection available and seeing an unfilled niche, started his company just over a year ago.

In our article which we will bring to you early in the new year, we hear about some of the benefits of the “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” diet, how and why supplements can support it, and also how you can move your dog across to it from classic processed kibble.

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