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Friday 2 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas 2011

With December rolling in and the advent calendars being opened, the Naturally Happy Dogs team was on the road again.  Firstly to Loughborough and the head office of Pet Blood Bank, and to film founder Wendy Barnett about the life-saving work that they have done since 2007.  Filmed in the laboratory where the blood products are processed and stored for later usage, Wendy gave us a brief history into the company and what they do.  We will shortly be filming a donation session to go with the interview, to show exactly what happens during a donation session.

Next, further north and the University of Lincoln, where we met up with Kerstin Meints.   Kerstin is a researcher at the University and has been running extensive studies into dog-child interactions, with particular focus on dog bites and their prevention.  The studies are based around a DVD called 'The Blue Dog'.  The creators asked Kerstin to look into how effective this is as a learning tool for children aged between 3 and 6, a key age group for dog bites in the home and therefore a key target for the education.  Thanks very much to Verity and Rufus for allowing us to film them in one of their sessions too!

But that's not all.  Wrapping up a very busy day's filming saw us further north again, filming for our upcoming breed library, and the versatile Glen of Imaal terrier… more news on the breed library soon, watch this space.

What a busy day, I've a feeling we'll be very glad of the Christmas break!

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