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Sunday 1 April 2012

Search & Rescue dogs in Kent

Today we met up with James Dunn of the NSARDA which stands for National Search And Rescue Dogs Association, on a farm on the Kent/Sussex border to film a training and assessment day with this charitable organisation.

NSARDA provide the Search & Rescue arm of Kent Search And Rescue, and are on call 365 days a year to provide their services as required throughout the Kent area. They are often called upon to search for vulnerable adults as well as missing hikers, and their service includes a high level of first aid training to provide medical assistance at point of discovery.

Entirely funded by charity and staffed by a hugely dedicated team of volunteers, they are often called upon to search all night and then return to their day-jobs the next day. We will be very pleased to bring you this article later on in the year, thanks to all at NSARDA for inviting us to their training day.

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