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Friday 1 June 2012

Ready, Set, Finnish!

Today we filmed another two breeds for the breed library, Finnish Lapphunds and Irish Setters. First we visited Elaine Short and her Finnish Lapphunds.

Elaine has 9 Lapphunds including the various colours that the Lapphunds comprise, and a variety of ages from 8 months to 12 years. She also had one bitch in whelp, about a week from full-term...we should have visited three weeks later! We wish Elaine all the best with the new additions to her canine family, and thank her again for her time.

Then it was onto visit David Bell and his Irish Setters. Again there was a variety of ages on show with their youngest dog being only 4 months old, and their eldest 13 years. David is the Chairman of The Irish Setter Association, England and with 40 years experience of the breed was very knowledgable. We thank David and his wife for their time, and very much look forward to bringing both of these breed videos to you soon.

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