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Thursday 1 November 2012

November 2012 videos

Our November issue is live and this month sees the first of a series of great videos on the work of Pets as Therapy dogs, Introduction to P.A.T. dogs, and the invaluable work they do. Pets as Therapy dogs and their dedicated volunteers can be found working together to promote health and wellbeing in a variety of settings, from hospitals and care homes to schools for children with learning difficulties. It’s amazing how beneficial a visit from a dog can be both to the physical and mental health of a wide variety of people.

We learn how we can improve our chances of Buying a Healthy Puppy from Margaret Carter at Cavalier Matters. Cavaliers have more than their fair share of health problems and Margaret has learned, as have so many others, the problems that can beset you if you take on a dog with health problems.

As well as those, there are videos on: training - Teaching Agility Jumps; health – how to take a Dog’s Temperature; alternative therapy – TTouch Observations; practical matters – Making the Most of Pet Insurance; and animal behaviour – Reinforcement and Punishment.

We really do look at a wide variety of topics at Naturally Happy Dogs. Sled Dog Harnesses anyone? With winter just around the corner, who knows what we might be needing...

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