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Friday 1 February 2013

February 2013 is live

We’re looking forward to letting you know, starting in this month’s issue, about some exciting new developments in the field of medicine. One topic is how dogs can be used to help with detecting human health problems (Medical Detection Dogs). To continue with looking at medical issues, we take a further look at the work on Bionic Vet Noel Fitzpatrick, this time looking at the spine (Spinal disc problems).

We get some inside information from staff at Woodgreen: The Animal Charity on how they manage rehoming dogs (Rehoming your dog) and from one of the volunteers with the Pets As Therapy charity on what happens during a typical visit (P.A.T. dogs in action).

There is practical helpful information on how to dry your dog safely after a bath (Drying dogs) and how to teach your dog to drop on command (Gundog training: Drop) - an excellent immediate solution to dangerous situations.

We also have another video from Alex Wilson from Xtradog about choosing the most suitable kind of harness for your dog (Choosing the right harness).

Finally, if you fancy training your dog to do something a little more unusual, Chris Mancini shows you how to train handstands (Teaching tricks: Handstand).  The mind boggles!

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