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Wednesday 23 October 2013

A day at the Animal Health Trust

We had a lovely day with the AHT (Animal Health Trust) in Suffolk where we were made to feel wonderfully welcome.

First stop was the hydrotherapy pool where we filmed two techniques used to help agility dogs: one was the use of the pool itself and the other was an underwater treadmill. Jo Handley Howard explained the use of each type of equipment and the different benefits they provide.

Then we met up with Farrah Stevens in a beautiful sunken garden. She gave us a very helpful overview of the work of the trust. After that, we were treated to a delicious lunch in the on-site cafe.

Our last stop was the highlight of the day. It is hard not to be won over by 7 bundles of wriggling gorgeousness - 5 week old Bull Terrier puppies. Once they'd had an opportunity to play and fill their tummies, they all grew very sleepy. That meant that they could stay happily relaxed through having their hearing tested. It was fascinating to see how this test is carried out. Julia Freeman, who performed the tests, explained how the signals on the equipment are interpreted. As for the puppies, they didn't seem to mind a bit and in most cases, slept through it.

Huge thanks go to the staff of AHT for making the day so enjoyable and for enabling us to capture on film some of the valuable work they do.

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