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Saturday 16 November 2013

Book review: Camper vans, ex pats & Spanish hounds

Camper vans, ex pats & Spanish hounds by Tania Coates and Sam Morris, reviewed by Sally Marchant, www.naturallyhappydogs.com

This is a lovely little book about a couple who find and rescue a stray dog on their three day road trip to a family wedding in Spain. Not realising just how much their lives would change, they fell in love with 'Pedro' while trying, unsuccessfully, to find his owners. The book tells the story of how the couple gradually got more and more involved with the organisation SOS (spay our strays) during the process of bringing Pedro back to the UK, and how it didn't take long for them to start fostering and bringing dogs over to the UK to find their forever homes. They now run SOS UK and help many dogs per year through their ever expanding network of volunteers across the country.

The case studies in chapter four introduce some of the dogs they have helped, they give a taste of the horror that some dogs go through, how much people care and selflessly give up their time and energy to helping the strays of Spain, often with no return, and what great family pets these dogs can become. The dedication of Tania and Sam and everyone else involved with the schemes is obvious throughout.

Tania has a lovely gentle way of writing and the book is full of gorgeous photos which really show the personalities of some of the rescue dogs. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Spain, or the kindness of people, or just dogs in general!

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