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Wednesday 1 January 2014

January - Happy New Year everyone!

We've got lots of exciting new plans for videos for 2014 and January gets us off to a cracking start. 

If activities are your thing, how about learning how to do Flyball?  Following on from our introduction to the sport last month, this month we learn how to train "the box".  If, on the other hand, you're looking for a sport that's out of the ordinary, how about one based on catching criminals? In this month's issue, we have an introduction to IPO Schutzhund and will look at the different elements of this in subsequent issues.

If you're into alternative therapies, we have videos on using herbs to help with fearful situations and on a Tellington Touch device called the calming cap.

Maybe you prefer more traditional medicine. In which case, we have a video that shows how dogs are tested for deafness (using some adorable 5-week old Bull Terrier puppies) and a film of what happens in a dental procedure.

Finally, your interest may be more for doing good in the community.  On a local level you might take inspiration from Stevenage's Dog Watch scheme or you may be like Pen Farthing and inspired to set up a charity like Nowzad that helps dogs thousands of miles away.

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