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Sunday 16 February 2014

Behaviour and training

The weather was very promising when we set off for a clear and sunny day of filming. Our first stop was with Caroline Spencer, Dog Trainer and inventor of the Happy at Heels Harness. The harness was being given its ultimate test. Her client was finding taking her enormous but loveable one year old mastiff, Milo, hard work. In fact, it was more a case of the dog taking their owner for a walk! But Caroline showed that with the right equipment, training technique and patience, the problem could be overcome.

From there we visited another client to see how Caroline dealt with the problem of dogs barking at neighbours in the garden. Unfortunately the neighbours were out and the dogs were smart enough to realise that we weren't them and didn't make a sound! What do they say about not working with animals? So we headed back to Caroline's place to film her dogs, but they were equally well behaved.

Caroline still took the time to show us the techniques she uses for dealing with barking anyway so that we could pass this advice on to you. From there we headed off to see Wag and Tone in action - keep fit exercises for dog and owner together. It's certainly a novel idea and looks a lot of fun.

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