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Tuesday 1 April 2014

April 2014 is live

This month sees Chris Mancini up to her new tricks again as she teaches us how to get our dogs to skateboard. If your dog isn't quite ready for such advanced "trickery", you may wish to teach him one of the more basic skills, the "hold".

We have another video about TD Rally, this time looking at "U-turns" and the last of our series on IPO Schutzhund, the most unusual element to be found in a dog sport, that of "protection".

Continuing our series on castration and spaying, this month we can, if we wish, actually watch what happens in a spaying procedure. For those preferring a gentler health topic, we look at the benefits of canine massage and if alternative therapies are more to your taste you can learn about the chakras on dogs and how they differ from (but are very similar to) those on humans.

Finally, no-one wants to think about the possibility of, for whatever reason, being unable to look after their own dog but there are times, such as going into hospital, when that may be unavoidable. The National Animal Welfare Trust has come up with a brilliant pack that helps you to ask yourself all the right questions and provide all the right answers so that you are prepared for the unexpected. Should the worse come to the worse, you can avoid adding to a stressful situation by knowing that your dog's needs will be taken care of.

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