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Tuesday 8 July 2014

July 2014 is live

This month sees the first of a great new series of videos by renowned Dog Behaviour and Training Expert Brenda Aloff. Want to get attention from a distracted dog without yelling at them? Simple, tap them on the shoulder – Brenda shows us how to train them to respond to this simple technique.  Another new series starts this month, one that relates to dog shows. In a previous series we looked at Ringcraft but this new one looks at the world of showing from the perspective of the organisers. This month we find out what a judge is looking for when they 'go over' a dog.

In health, we find out how to give a dog CPR, how to find a good canine massage therapist and what we can do to help a dog who is fearful at the vets. If your preference is for alternative health, we look at what happens in an aromatherapy consultation and how Bach Flower Remedies can help with the stress of moving house.

Finally, if you’re looking at basic training techniques for the family pet, Sally Marchant offers another of her helpful videos. This time we see how to teach "settle".

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