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Monday 27 October 2014

Scootering and Bikejoring

The day was glorious when we set off for Colchester to meet Kerstin Dimond. She is a keen fan of Bikejoring and Scootering and runs www.dogucation.co.uk.

For anyone who’s not come across either of these sports, they are, like Canicross, a harness sport where dogs and their owners can keep fit together. However, whereas in Canicross the person runs, in Bikejoring and Scootering the person is either on a bike or scooter.

Kerstin told us all about the sport, its history, rules and regulations etc and showed us the equipment. Finally, she introduced us to her Pointer Prussia and gave a quick demo of the sports in action. If Prussia is anything to go by, the sports certainly seem to conjure up plenty of enthusiasm and keep the dog fit. He bounded about with endless energy clearly in love with life.

Oh, to be a dog!

We hope to see the whole group in action sometime in the next few weeks.

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