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Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

We're getting the new year off to a good start with quite a few videos on training.  Beginning with the very young dog, Nando Brown shares his ideas on what to do when your puppy bites you. If you're having problems with a noisy dog, Ian Dunbar shows how to teach growl and shush.  In the first of his videos, Kamal Fernandez, a trainer in competitive obedience, tells us how to motivate our dog. Brenda Aloff is also on hand to show us how to enable our dog to feel comfortable with us being the one in control, especially useful if your dog is nervous or reactive.

We have another video on carting, this time on the training process, and in another video, little Skyler has her first tracking lesson.  We also have another of our product videos, this time looking at the Green Feeder.

Finally, we begin a new series which takes an in depth look at The Kennel Club where we find that a lot more goes on than we might realise.

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