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Friday 27 February 2015

Obedience and Bikejor

Today has been rather action packed... and great fun.

First stop was with Clare Williams from Chesvale Dog Training Club, along with a few of her fellow trainers, who taught us all about Heelwork and the Novice Recall in Obedience. Along with a 'what is' style video, we filmed a 'how to teach' for each exercise, we're very keen to get these edited and added to the site.

Then it was on to see Jackie England and Jo Hart with Riley, her German Longhaired Pointer for their first ever go at Bikejor. After 20 minutes, both Jo and Riley had (alongside a fair bit of mud) great big smiles on their faces, they definitely seem hooked!

We also got to try out our new GoPro, stay tuned for some 'dogs eye view' footage coming soon!

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