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Thursday 23 April 2015

Relaxed dog training

Today we met with Winkie Spiers in London to join her on one of her 'Social dog walks' and find out a little more about 'relaxed dog training'. Winkie believes strongly that dogs should be exercised and entertained in a relaxed and natural way, and that many behaviour problems occur from a lifestyle that is simply too fast-paced for the canine brain.

Winkie told us about some alternatives to turning up at the park and throwing a ball for 20 minutes, including putting cheese spread or pate on trees for the dogs to find and lick, or using walls and park benches as 'natural agility' obstacles.

It was a fascinating day with some lovely chilled out dogs, and we will definitely be introducing 'sofa time' and 'cheesy trees' into our weekly routines!

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