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Friday 24 August 2018

The Secret to Perfecting the Dog Grooming Process

Do you feel that you don’t know what it takes to groom your dog? The Hair Clippers Club (https://www.hairclippersclub.com/best-dog-clippers-dog-grooming-scissors-guide) can help you out.

Besides giving the pet a chance to feel comfortable, grooming your pets encourages a deeper bond and saves on costs. You do not need professional qualifications to groom your own dog, here are some tips:

Start With the Brushing and Washing 

Imagine going for a haircut and your hairstylist fails to eliminate the tangles and the dirt you have accumulated over the days. Well, you will not be thrilled, to say the least. In the same way, you must wash and brush your dog’s hair to smooth it out and create an appealing look. Check out our video about Bathing dogs and Drying dogs.

Get the Right Tools 

Find a good clip, blade, slicker brushes, and nail clippers, make sure the blades are sharp to avoid pulling the hair. Your online search will lead to an array of options and prices.

Do Not Be In a Hurry 

Groom your dog when you do not have lots of other things to be doing at the same time. Relax and enjoy the process with your dog, using treats to encourage them to like being groomed if necessary.

Be Aware Of How Your Dog Grows 

Take your time to study how the hair is growing, so that the cut is smooth and even. If you have a pedigree dog, you may want to look online to see how to groom your specific breed.

Start As Early As Possible 

While you can train an older dog to enjoy being groomed, it is easier when started young. Our video about Grooming Puppies gives lots of useful tips.

Try Using the Same Procedure 

As you try to train your dog to get used to the grooming process, consider creating a routine. You can start clipping the top of your head before proceeding to the neck. You can then clip the shoulders, chin, and down to the legs. Be careful when clipping the thin parts of the skin to avoid injuries. 

Switch the Clippers 

Be very aware of the temperature of the blades and switch the clippers when one gets too hot for your pet’s comfort, or take regular breaks for them to cool down if you do not have an extra clipper.

For lots more tips about grooming dogs, visit our collection of Dog Grooming Videos 

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