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Wednesday 27 April 2011

A day with the Bionic Vet

We have had an exciting afternoon today, filming articles with Noel Fitzpatrick, known also as the 'Bionic Vet'.

The Fitzpatrick Referral Centre is a state of the art vet practice, surgical theatre and rehabilitation unit in Surrey UK, where Noel and his team look after animals that need his help.

After a tour of the centre, we were lucky enough to be able to film for you some of the case studies at the centre that day, and also speak to Noel to ask him about his fascinating work creating new limbs for dogs, repairing joints and mending structural injuries.

We also met 'Baron' an elegant looking Leonberger who was in for a new type of surgery aimed at alleviating bone cancer in his front leg, and we were able to follow Baron on his journey into theatre for his operation.

These fascinating articles and more will be coming up in Naturally Happy Dogs magazine in the very near future!

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