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Friday 15 April 2011

Dotty Dalmatian

Caroline from Naturally Happy Dogs was asked to visit a Dalmatian this weekend who simply won't go for a walk.

Poor Scooby (6 months old from Cambridgeshire) is quite scared of walking and will often go into 'fool around' behaviours during his walks.

As walking and dog ownership do rather go hand in hand, Caroline went to see if any Tellington Training could help. During the session, Caroline filmed some of his behaviour to show it to our contributor Jez to get his expert opinion on the subject too.

We are happy to say that Scooby's owner has been implementing some of Jez and Caroline's recommendations and only 3 days later he is beginning to change his reaction to walks.

Are you a Subscriber? If you are in the Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire area and would like us to help with your dog's issues please do contact us and your dog could feature in the magazine himself.

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