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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Filming 2 more videos - Scent and Rallys

Today we filmed Pam MacKinnon from www.talkingdogs.org.uk with Cherry a 6 month old Red Fox Labrador discussing Scent work. Dogs love to sniff and smell their way through the day. Why not harness this skill rather than fighting against it? Scentwork offers a great way to have fun with your dog and tire him out quickly. This can be done at different levels, from letting him work alone while you watch from the sofa to encouraging him to cover larger, more challenging areas.

We then found out all about a new type of obedience training they do called 'Rally'. This is brand new and includes updated and clarified station signs, clear, well defined rules and regulations, and a unique ethos with an emphasis on pet dog owners competing with their own scores rather than simply against each other, Talking Dogs Rally aims to bring trainers and owners together to have a hoot with their dogs.

We also filmed a great video with Pam teaching a 'find it' game that we look forward to bringing you so that you can try it yourselves at home!

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