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Thursday 9 February 2012

Comet country's happiest dog!

Following our recent competition in the Comet newspaper, our Facebook followers voted for who they thought should be crowned as Comet country's happiest dog. Congratulations to Stanley and Nuala, who came in second and third respectively, and each win a year's subscription to Naturally Happy Dogs.

The winner was a very happy cross-breed called Bony, owned and loved by Nicky Visser from Hitchin. The Naturally Happy Dogs team went to visit them and film them for a special article coming soon, we'll let you know when that is live.

As well as being filmed, Mark from A2Zoom photography came along to take a professional picture for the Comet newspaper. He has some experience with photographing dogs and is really understanding and patient with them.

Many congratulations to Nicky and Bony, we hope you enjoy your annual membership for the website, and best wishes for a very happy future!

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