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Friday 24 February 2012

CV247 and Neapolitan Mastiffs

Today we went to visit Roger Oakes who has been heavily involved with a cancer treatment option called CV247. Originally created by John Carter as a palliative care treatment in dogs, Roger has been working primarily with the human equivalent for many years. Unfortunately John is no longer with us but Roger told us about his work, his veterinary practice, and the work that he started and how his work is benefiting dogs all over the country.

From there we headed to the Fens, where we met up with Steve Cox and his Neapolitan Mastiffs. Steve provided the dogs for 'Fang' in the Harry Potter films and he has a huge collection of these handsome beasts. We were very impressed with Steve's extensive kennels and runs (www.rayvonley.com), and it was a pleasure to film this interesting breed. We thank Steve for his time, and look forward to bringing this video to our breed library!

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