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Saturday 18 August 2012

Animal Aiders and Portuguese Water Dogs

We went off to Bury-St-Edmunds today to interview Sophie Flux from Animal Aiders.

Animal Aiders provides practical and high quality vet led courses in animal first aid throughout the country. With her invaluable help, we were able to produce videos on: basic health signs - how to tell when something is wrong and what to do; eye injuries – signs of and how to treat; poisons and poisoning; and heat stroke. Sophie was a perfect host and a dream to film. We look forward to meeting up with her again for more articles in the future.

It was all go today, after filming Sophie in the morning, we were off to another part of Suffolk to meet Jocelyn Creffield to interview her about Portuguese Water Dogs. PWD’s turned out to be an affectionate and lively breed. As the name suggests, the dog is native to Portugal, is an excellent swimmer, and worked for hundreds of years helping fishermen. The “lion trim” they were given, where the rear is close cut, helped them to work in the water, and is still used in the show ring today. Many thanks go to Jocelyn for her time and hospitality. We look forward to adding this video to our breed library soon.

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