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Saturday 25 August 2012

Food and diet

We were sent some useful information recently that we thought you might be interested in. For more great ideas, we have a number of 'how to' recipe video ideas in our 'Diet and Nutrition' video section.

Healthy Dog Food: 4 Things Your Puppy Will Love
If you've been looking at some of the labels on commercial pet food products lately, you may be wondering: how is this supposed to be healthy dog food? There has been a series of scandals recently regarding tainted and low quality pet foods being sold in supermarkets around the nation. 
This has prompted many people to ask themselves weather the foods that we give to our pets are actually safe and good for them. One thing that pet owners need to be aware of, is that unlike human foods, dog food must be certified to be able to meet a dog's nutritional needs, no matter what brand of food it is or where it is sold.

A dog has certain nutritional needs that will differ from humans. According to veterinarians, the best diet for a dog would be one that contains roughly half meat and half vegetables. Avoid foods that have too much grain, wheat, or other ingredients that are simply used as fillers and offer very little in terms of nutritional value. 

While grains can be used as part of a healthy diet for a dog, as they provide long term energy, the problem with them is that they are often used as a cheap filler and to boost the protein count on the label. The best type of food is one which has meat as a primary source of protein.
If you want examples of healthy dog food that provides the proper nutrition and is enjoyable for your dog to eat, then here are four healthy meals for healthy weight. 

Organic Canned Dog Food 
Many pet owners would say that this is the very best that you can offer to a dog you love. It contains organic chicken, turkey, liver, sea salt, kelp, flax seed, plus all the essential nutrients and vitamins to help your pet thrive. It is also a food recommended by veterinarians for dogs that are recovering from health issues.

If you want to skip commercial dog food entirely and make your own, there are some options which are open to you. After all, dogs have been domesticated long before commercial pet food came into existence. Here are some ideas:

Hamburger meat, seafood and liver combination 
This is done by preparing 2 pounds of hamburger, 10 ounces of shrimp or lobster, plus 1 cup of raw liver. You can add half a cup of brown rice to the mix as well.

Vegetarian meal 
While dogs are carnivores, some of the meals can be vegetarian. One idea to make a vegetarian dish is using 2 lbs of grated carrots, 3 bunches of grated broccoli, 2 cups of brown rice and 4 grated zucchinis. 

Dog meatloaf plus vegetables
You take 2 lbs of lean ground beef, add 2 carrots, 3 small potatoes, 1 chopped celery stalk to make a meal that your dog will definitely love and enjoy eating.

These are just some examples of recipes you can make at home. Before making your own dog food, you need to do your research, as there are items such as grapes, chocolate and some onions can be very harmful to dogs.

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