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Sunday 19 August 2012

Fantastic new veterinary practice

We have had a lovely day today in Swindon with Joe Inglis and Jez, celebrating the opening of their new 'Vet's Klinic' surgery. It really is great to see such innovation in the world of general veterinary practices, this Klinic has a large glass fronted room for preparing dogs for surgery and completing minor procedures such as dental work.

The vets will use iPads to record their client's information and behaviourist Jez will also be able to use their technology to record behaviour sessions for owners to watch back afterwards.

We have been ultra efficient at editing this video and so it is live already here.

We look forward to them opening a new surgery closer to us, we will certainly be one of the first to sign up!

While we were there we met up with 'Mugly'- officially The World's Ugliest Dog! We asked his owner Bev to explain how he got the title, that video should be live in our September issue.

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