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Friday 1 August 2014

August 2014

This month introduces the sport of Canicross, an ingenious way of turning the activity of exercising your dog into something a little more demanding for dog and owner. In the first of our series we find out what exactly Canicross is.

In addition, we follow up a number of topics started in previous months with quite a few that relate to health issues. We find out what to do if you're out and about and your dog cuts his tongue, how to spot the signs that your dog might be afraid of going to the vets and how canine massage can benefit the sporting dog. If alternative therapies are more your scene, we look at some examples of aromatherapy oils and find out how Bach Flower Remedies can help with rescue dogs.

Continuing our series on the different roles at a dog show, we learn from a judge how to go over a dog without getting bitten. And finally, we add to our collection of general dog training videos by looking how to teach your dog manners at the front door.

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