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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Pack walks and hand feeding

Today we were in London with about 15 dogs, all off lead, many used to be 'grumpy' with other dogs. For an hour or so they played, sniffed, enjoyed a little bit of training and generally demonstrated how well behaved dogs can be. Some other dog walkers saw us from a distance and initially looked worried, bringing their dogs under close control away from us, but as we approached and they realised that one quick word from Dima 'Rex - come' and any of our 'pack' would come rushing back to the group, leaving the other walkers to enjoy their walk in peace.

Dima puts his success with dog behaviour and dog training down to his regime of hand feeding all of their food for the first few weeks.

After the walk we went back to Dima's to film some of his advice about when, where, how and why to hand feed all dogs, but especially those with behaviour or training issues.

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