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Sunday 31 August 2014

Treibball and Rottweilers

Today was an eventful day with two lots of filming for Happy Dogs. First stop was Hawkhurst to meet Laura to find out more about the sport of Treibball. Laura has revised the official rules of Treibball to make it more accessible for the family pet and their owner but the principle is the same. Essentially, the dog noses a large fitness ball into a small goal. With the help of her Jack Russell and Dalmatian, Laura showed us how she goes about training this fun sport so that we can share it with you.

Our next stop was Maidenhead to meet Julie and John Johnson and their Rottweilers. The final video will be for our breed library. Six adult Rottweilers and a puppy might seem like quite a handful but they’re obviously in excellent hands. The couple do competitive IPO Schutzhund and Obedience with their dogs and we were treated to a short display. We were impressed at how incredibly attentive and responsive the dogs were and very please that it had all been achieved with kind reward-based training.

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