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Monday 1 September 2014

More videos for September 2014

Just like their human companions, there are times when dogs need to relax and times when they need to get up and go. This month we look at both ends of the spectrum.

Brenda Aloff shows how we can help an over-excitable dog to calm with the be-still cue and we look at a case study of a dog who was fearful at the vets. Someone who can help our dogs to relax is a Canine Massage Therapist and this month we hear what that’s like as a career. We also have the first of two videos looking at one solution for helping our dogs to take it easy on walks rather than straining on the leash.

A rather more energetic form of taking your dog out on a leash is the sport of Canicross. This month we find out how you can get started. Another active bunch are the Essex K9 Display Team. This month we see them in action. We continue our series on the different roles at a dog show by finding out what the ring steward does and also look at natural therapies for digestive problems.

A mixed bag as ever but something, we hope, for everyone.

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